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Diamond & Gem Development Corporation Limited
(Developer of: Surat Special Economic Zone, Sachin- 394 230)  

Steps for establishment of SEZ Project in SuRSEZ.
Sr. No
Application by entrepreneur to DGDC for allotment of Plot/Ready Unit for setting up a project.
Issue of an Letter of Earmarking  to the entrepreneur by DGDC.
Submission of Project Application to the Development Commissioner within 60 days from the date of Earmarking Letter in prescribed form ‘F’ . The following documents are to be submitted along with the above form (5+1 copies):   
  1. Demand Draft of Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) from Central Bank of India in favour of the Regional Pay & Accounts Officer, Ministry of Commerce, Mumbai, payable at Central Bank of India, Ghandhidham.
  2. Project Proposal giving projections for 5 years of Exports & Imports item wise by  quantity & value.
  3. Detailed profile of Promoters / Directors / Proprietors / Partners.
  4. List of items for manufacture, trading, service activities with turn-over.
  5.  Process flow chart in case of manufacturing  unit.

  6.  List of capital goods & raw materials with quantity and value required for next 5years.

  7.  Audited Balance Sheet of the Company of the last 3 years.

  8.  Copy of PAN Card of the Company, duly self-certified.

  9.  Residential proof (self attested photo copy of passport or ration card or voting card or driving license) of Proprietor / Partner(s) / Director(s) of the company.

  10. List of Present Partners/Directors duly endorsed by the Registrar of Companies.

  11.  I.T.Returns along with Annexure of Proprietor / Partner (s)  for  last three years, in case of Proprietary / Partnership Firm. In case of a Company, Audited Balance Sheet as in VII above.

  12.  Copy of ‘Letter of Earmarking’ issued of Diamond & Gem Development Corporation Ltd. indicating  plot number /unit number in  SurSEZ.

  13.  Affidavit on Rs 100 Stamp Paper duly signed by Applicant and notarized, stating the following:

     We hereby declare that against any of the Partner(s)/  Director(s)/ Proprietor, no case is pending with the  Customs & Excise for diversion of goods to DTA units/Illegal activities”.

    (Note: that the Stamp paper must be of Gujarat only)

  14. Copy of Partnership Deed in case of Firm . In respect of Companies, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

Issue of a Letter of Approval by the Development Commissioner.

Acceptance of Letter of Approval  by the Entrepreneur. To be submitted to Office of the DC.

Payment of Balance Consideration by the Entrepreneur to DGDC. (In any case, to be done within 60 days of issue of Letter of Earmarking)


Issue of Letter of Allotment by DGDC to the Entrepreneur.


Execution of Lease Deed between the Entrepreneur & DGDC & Registration of the same.

Execution of Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking with the Development Commissioner (DC) / Specified Officer (SO) in prescribe form H and its acceptance by the DC/SO.

(Duty free construction materials / raw-materials/plants/machinery can be procured only after acceptance of Bond-cum-Legal Undertaking.)

Obtaining of IEC ( Import-Export Code no), RCMC( Registration cum membership Certificate) and VAT Registration.
Submission of Application by the Entrepreneur to Development Committee for Approval of Building Plan, in case of plot/s.
Grant of water connection by DGDC/ Subcontractor.
Issue of a Building plan Approval Letter for construction of unit.
Procurement of duty free goods meant for construction.
Completion of construction of unit.
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